1. Up in the air: 悬而未决

2. Out of the woods: 摆脱困境/走出阴霾

3. Not all there: 智商掉线/呆头呆脑

4. Over the moon: 欣喜若狂/喜出望外

5. Whip into shape: 重新振作/重整旗鼓

6. Jump the gun: 操之过急 /行事鲁莽

7. Shop till you drop: 疯狂购物

8. Hit a brick wall: 一筹莫展/走投无路

9. Pinch me moment: 难以置信/不可思议

10. Eureka moment: 恍然大悟/醍醐灌顶

11. Pack a punch: 效果彰显/影响深远

12. Set apart: 特立独行/卓尔不群

13. Cut the mustard: 符合预期/达到目标

14. Back on track: 重回正轨/走出低迷

15. The cherry on top: 锦上添花/精益求精

16. Blow away the cobwebs: 振作精神

17. Bite the bullet: 勉为其难/咬牙坚持

18. Second to none: 登峰造极/无与伦比

19. Take the cake: 无出其右/无以复加

20. A feast for the eyes: 美轮美奂/美不胜收

21. Go off at/on: 大发雷霆/勃然大怒

22. Leave no stone unturned: 竭尽全力

23. Spare no efforts: 不遗余力

24. Tie the knot: 情定终身/永结同心

25. The meat of it: 关键环节/本质内容

26. Run of the mill: 庸庸碌碌/平淡无奇

27. Hot on the heels of: 紧随其后

28. Bend the knee: 甘拜下风/俯首称臣

29. Off the plan: 未来规划

30. At the mercy of: 受人摆布/任人宰割

31. Under the thumb of: 仰人鼻息/寄人篱下

32. A stab in the back: 背信弃义/背义负信

33. Making waves: 制造事端/惹是生非

34. Shoot oneself in the foot: 弄巧成拙

35. Flex one’s muscles: 炫耀实力/展示力量

36. Judge a book by its cover: 以貌取人

37. Hold all the aces: 稳操胜券/万无一失

38. Out for blood: 怒不可遏/穷凶极恶

39. Born to the purple: 出身显赫/官宦世家

40. Shoot to fame: 一鸣惊人/一夕成名

41. dead heat :棋逢对手/伯仲之间/旗鼓相当

42. get blood from a stone:缘木求鱼/枉费心机

43. herding cats: 枉费心机/徒劳无功

44. Bob’s your uncle: 十拿九稳/唾手可得

45. nickel-and-dime: 鸡毛蒜皮/斤斤计较

46. go through the roof: 价格飞涨/大发雷霆

47. fly off the handle: 勃然大怒/怒不可遏

48. take it on the chin: 坦然面对/默默承受

49. sitting duck: 坐以待毙/任人宰割

50. on your mettle: 竭尽全力/尽心竭力

51. six ways from Sunday: 想方设法/穷尽手段

52. on cloud nine: 欣喜若狂/喜出望外

53. hit the spot: 心满意足/正中下怀

54. let the cat out of the bag: 走漏风声

55. get it together: 改过自新/振作精神

56. smoking gun: 确凿证据/铁证如山

57. rose-tinted glasses: 盲目/过度乐观

58. grey eminence: 幕后操纵/幕后指使

59. leap in the dark: 铤而走险/孤注一掷

60. bend over backwards: 想方设法/费尽心力

61. be on last legs: 气数已尽/精疲力尽

62. smoke and mirrors: 云山雾罩/故弄玄虚

63. a red herring: 转移焦点/掩人耳目

64. showboating: 哗众取宠/炫耀技巧

65. tit for tat: 针锋相对/冤冤相报

66. saved by the bell: 死里逃生/九死一生

67. an uphill task: 艰巨任务/艰险历程

68. to face down: 坦然面对/沉着应战

69. stand/walk tall: 自信满满/踌躇满志

70. off the beaten track: 荒无人烟/不毛之地

71. jump through hoops: 绞尽脑汁/费尽心力

72. nutty as a fruitcake: 疯疯癫癫/怪里怪气

73. kiss someone’s ring: 阿谀奉承/溜须拍马

74. stink to high heaven: 卑鄙下流/寡廉鲜耻

75. to go rogue: 为所欲为/肆意妄为/自行其是

76. chase the bottom line: 唯利是图/见钱眼开

77. drive away the blues: 消除烦恼/排解忧愁

78. take the heat off: 缓解压力/放松心情

79. take it all in: 充分了解/尽情欣赏

80. to grapple with: 面对困境/处境艰难

81. bread and water: 粗茶淡饭/维持温饱

82. put one’s stamp on something: 影响深刻

83. take a heavy toll on: 严重损害/严重破坏

84. put one’s mind to: 集中精力/认真应对

85. a tall order: 谈何容易/绝非易事

86. be set in one’s ways: 一成不变/思想僵化

87. come to terms with: 认清形势/面对现实

88. from hero to zero: 身败名裂/信誉扫地

89. down and out: 穷困潦倒/朝不保夕

90. on the fence: 模棱两可/举棋不定

91. to stop at nothing: 不顾一切/不择手段

92. to feel the crunch: 囊中羞涩/捉襟见肘

93. to buckle under: 完全坍塌/彻底崩溃

94. to knuckle under: 俯首帖耳/唯唯诺诺

95. to defy belief: 难以置信/匪夷所思

96. by the book: 遵纪守法/循规蹈矩

97. to walk a fine line: 不偏不倚/谨小慎微

98. on the nose: 精确无误/恰到好处

99. out of touch: 脱离现实/不切实际

100. without a hitch: 一帆风顺/手到擒来

101. to ride out the storm: 逃出生天/全身而退

102. in the thick of it: 应接不暇/疲于奔命

103. to go belly up: 彻底破产/一败涂地

104. off to a running start: 拔得头筹/占得先机

105. off and running: 顺风顺水/风生水起

106. to throw a bone to: 笼络人心/小恩小惠

107. to miss the boat/bus: 追悔莫及/错失良机

108. to go to town on: 大张旗鼓/无所顾忌




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