Around the corner 很近,就在附近;即将来临

Come to fruition 完成;实现

In the meantime 与此同时

Violate privacy 侵犯隐私

Work against 起到对抗、削弱…的效果

Give up 放弃

Work on 从事于;致力于

Pass down 沿袭;遗传

Take over 接管;接手

Call for 需要;需求

Cope with 处理;应对

Fight against 极力反对,与…作斗争

Adapt to 适应



More ….than ever比以往任何时候更….

Make the point 表明观点

Replace …with…以…代替….

Stand out 突出,脱颖而出

In the past 过去

Ask for 要求

Shed workers 裁员

One out of three 三分之一的

In total总共

At a adj. speed 以…的速度

For sure 毫无疑问的

Require sb to do sth 要求某人做某事

Above average 超越平均标准的

Post-high school education 高中以后的教育

Access to sth 接触、通往….的权利

Take effects 生效


Atlantic 大西洋

Along with 与…一起

For good 永远的

Look to do sth 寻找做某事的机会

Birds of passage 候鸟;漂泊的人

In the making 在行成中,在酝酿中

Look beyond 超越….看问题

Kick out 踢出

Brand ….as….将…归为(不好的事物)

Grey area 灰色区域;中间地带

Contribute to 导致….有助于

Meet challenge 迎接挑战

Hail as 将…誉为

Driven by 由…驱动

Prefer to do 喜欢…愿意…

Manage to do 设法做到

Political means 政治手段

With ease 轻而易举地

Imagine …as …把…想象为

Commit oneself to doing sth 承诺……

For a while 暂时,一会儿

Belong to 属于

Crop pickers 农作物收割工

Both sides of the battle 争论双方

Culture war 文化战争

In motion 在运动中的

Middle ground 中间立场;中间地带

Neither saints or sinners 既非圣人也非罪人

Lock up 牢牢锁住

Fence off 拒之门外

Mighty rivals 强劲的对手

Economic favors 经济上的优惠


Be hard-wired to do sth 天生会做某事

Be prone to do sth 倾向于做某事

Snap decision 快速决策

Defense mechanism防御机制
open-mind 心胸开阔的

Be exclusive to 专为…所享

Interpersonal realm 人际领域

In reaction to rapid stimuli 应对快速刺激

Have little to do sth 与…无关

Prime sb to do sth 使某人准备好应付某种情况

In reaction to rapid stimuli应对快速刺激

Associate…with 把…与….联系起来

Real estate agent 房地产中介

Job screener 招聘官

First impression 第一印象

Think before we act 三思而后行

Thin slice 薄片;“thin sliced”study 提炼式的研究

Thick slice 厚片

Only after 之后才

Rise above 超越,克服


Gender-equality heaven性别平等天堂

In particular 特别的是,尤其

Take the lead 带头

Final say 最终话语权

The European Union 欧盟

Be born of 来源于

Issue a call to 发起一个号召

Take sth up接受;重提某事

Sign up for 报名

Compel sb to do sth 强迫某人做某事

Maintain a certain proportion of 保持一定的比例

Gender balance 性别平衡

strike a balance between work and family 平衡工作和家庭

Climb the corporate ladder 攀爬企业晋升阶梯

Legally binding provisions 具有法律约束力的条款

Break through 打破

Open the way to 打开…之路

Glass ceiling 玻璃天花板

See through 看透

Run counter to 违反,与…背道而驰

The meritocratic ideal 精英管理制理想

Governance by the capable 能者居之

The summit of corporate power 公司权力高层

Attract massive attention 吸引大量关注

Break through to 突破,突围

Exception to the rule 规则中的例外

After all 毕竟

In place 在正确位置,准备妥当

Highly capable person 优秀人才;卓越人才

Social justice 社会公正

Family-friendly 家庭友好型

European commission 欧盟委员会 简称欧委会,欧盟常设执行机构,也是欧盟唯一有权起草法令的机构。


Council flat (英国)国营公寓

The community mental heath team 社区精神卫生小组

Stick to do 坚定地做某事

Live on….靠…生活

Burn out 烧尽;熄灭;筋疲力尽

On a budget 避免不必要的开支

To a certain degree在某种程度

Impulsive spending 冲动性消费

In advance 提前
more than enough 绰绰有余

Excel template excel 模板

Instead of 代替

Cost effective 成本划算的

Come in handy 派的上用场

6 rashers of bacon 6片培根

Pre-packed 提前分装好的

Go off 快过期的

A set lunch 午间套餐

Three-course lunch 三道主菜的午餐

Michelin-stared 米其林星级饭店


Put it to one side 放到一边

Broad way 百老汇

Pop into 跃入;突然出现


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